Courtney Brown


Interactive Tango Milonga

I have received the Fulbright Student Award to travel to Buenos Aires, birthplace of tango, to create and install my interactive tango milongas.

D&spair Club Press and Performances!!

April 20, 2012 - D&spair Club performs at Modified Arts Gallery for John Cage Centennial. Press here and here. The former mentions my hadrosaur sound installation and performance.


February 24, 2011 - Justin Woo & I have been accepted by the ExiTrip project. We will be building an interactive performance with music, noise, poetry, and many tiny radios! More information about the ExiTrip project here.

Provocative Objects Show

Debut of my dancing musical robot! In Boston, November 12, 2010... reception starting @ 6pm. More information here.

VCW Workshop, Performative Video and Notation

Working on a video piece for rhythmic breathing and live camera which will be shown September 16, 2010 at Diapason Gallery.

Juddertone Collaboration

I am working with choreographer Eva Perrotta for Juddertone which shows in Boston the month of November. You can follow the collaborative process here, as well as see some of the other projects.

Sid Redlin and Greg Rapp's Re:Interpretation

I have a remix on Sid Redlin and Greg Rapp's delightful album Re:Interpretation. More information and download available at the website

Sidewalk Tzara #4 at Outpost 186, Boston, MA, May 7, 2009

Mem1 (Mark + Laura Cetilia) uses sound as a sculptural material through which listeners' perception of space and time become malleable

Area C is Erik Carlson, a composer, media artist and architect performing a solo set

Every Night I Lose Control, Courtney Brown's solo experimental electronic cabaret

***Website with upcoming acts and news for Sidewalk Tzara!***

Every Night I Lose Control show at The Tank, New York, NY, April 25, 2009

with Molly Thomson playing her cabaret

Sidewalk Tzara #3 at Outpost 186, Boston, MA, March 5, 2009

Matt Weston, solo set for percussion and electronics

Woo!! Brown Duo: Courtney Brown (accordion, voice, electronics, laptop), Justin Woo(dj, laptop, electronics)

Justin Woo, selected poetry spoken word performance

Abe Taber + Jon Glancy + Allon Story Dubler, improvisation on bass, piano, drums

Sidewalk Tzara #2 at Outpost 186, Boston, MA, Feb. 5, 2009

Sound. Picture. Coif. by Kristina Wolfe (live video), Allisandra Hipona (hair), Courtney Brown (live electronics)

Kirsten Volness (composer) and Jacob Richman (multimedia / composer), selected works

Kristina Wolfe, solo set (gamba, electronics)

Performance at The Warper Party, Feb. 4, 2009
Brooklyn, NY

at the Warper Party, half-hour set jamming with Justin Woo (dj + electronics + breath)

Performance at The Elevens, Northhamption, MA, Jan. 19, 2009

with Matt Weston and Ben Miller

Sidewalk Tzara presents Courtney Brown and Altaira on Dec. 4, 2008

I am curating a new performance series in Boston, Sidewalk Tzara, with a focus on electronics, experimental music, and the absurd. December 4th is the EXCITING inagural show at its new home at The Outpost 186!

60X60 Vox Novus Dance Collaboration, New York, NY, Nov. 14, 2008, 12:30pm and 7pm

"Places in Time become Magnetic" will be part of the collection of 60 second pieces by 60 composers at the World Financial Center Winter Garden.

Boston Globe's Top 5 Picks Courtney Brown and Carmen Caruso

"Both are members of Electrolab, a subversive soprano/accordion/DJ collective, and odds are good this performance will include moaning, shrieking, computers, postmodern cabaret, fringe theories of performance, and tango." -- Joan Anderman of The Boston Globe